ATHLETICS. A new skate film by Theobalds Cap Co

This morning we are proud to present to you ATHLETICS. A new skate film by Theobalds Cap Co. directed and filmed by South London's Henry Edwards - Wood. 
Following on from Dendridic Flux and in light of Skateboarding in the Olympics, ATHLETICS explores the relationship between skateboarding in it's many forms and it's supposed Antithesis in organised sports. Featuring Theobalds Cap Co. riders as well as affiliates of the brand, friends and lurkers, Athletics also touches on the new Long Live Southbank campaign to unlocked the unused parts of the under croft which has been cornered off since 2004. The area is considered hallowed ground to everyone involved with the brand and it's incredibly important that we all show our support in helping to raise the large amount of money needed to make this project possible.